Here are some frequently asked questions about the Ironchip Windows Logon service


What is my username?

This will be the name of the user who is using the equipment. If you have any doubts, you could execute the following command from a system terminal (CMD):

whoami /user

What happens if I enter the wrong API KEY?

It will not allow you to advance in the installation, as it will only allow you if it is an API KEY, and the one associated with the service you are calling with the correct user credentials. You can check this information: Add Application to company

What happens if I lose my internet connection?

If you are in a place where you have no Internet connection, and your authentication method relies on a secure area, you will not be able to authenticate with Ironchip Windows logon.

When can I create a safe zone?

You can create a service with a secure area as long as you have a Wi-Fi connection, so in virtual environments, it is not possible to access using this type of authentication.

What are the benefits of using Ironchip Windows Logon?

The benefits reside in the high level of security provided by our service, as the chances of identity theft or forgery of your credentials are greatly reduced, an aspect that sets us apart from other services.

Will Ironchip Windows Logon work on my device?

This service is currently available for the following versions: Available versions

How long does the installation process of Ironchip Windows Logon take approximately?

Assuming that you have low to medium specification equipment, and you have all the necessary data for the update at hand, it takes approximately: 3 min.

Does Windows Logon require the activation of the service in the dashboard to work?

Yes, it is absolutely necessary that the service is activated and that the user(s) are added to the service with the correctly established credentials.

How much free disk space do I need for the installation of Ironchip Windows Logon?

Currently, the size is 64.2 MB.

How is the service updated?

The service is updated manually as improvements are made to the versions of the service. Our technical department will inform you of this in advance.


What can I do if I forget my password to authenticate myself?

The password that our service uses is the same password that you have always used to authenticate on your device, at Ironchip we do not have access to your passwords at any time. You must consult your device manufacturer’s website to recover your password.

What happens if I lose the external memory?

In this case, you should recover the device via the dashboard, contact your administrator, and you can follow these steps: Device recovery

What happens if I don’t have the memory inserted when authenticating?

Login would only be possible if more than one device is assigned to the access.

Because the memory is not inserted, the service will look for another method to perform the authentication.

Does my username have to match the name given in the service?

Yes, It is important that the name added to access the service matches the name of the user using the device.

How long do I have to authenticate if I use an external device?

Of all possible forms of authentication, you have a time limit of 60 seconds (1 min) for each attempt.

Can I authenticate to Ironchip Windows Logon using my PIN?

Currently, we do not have such an implementation, but the process to integrate this method is under development.

Do I need to have the application open on the device in order to use windows logon?

No, as the process itself will automatically initialize the application when it is required. What is essential is to have it installed on the device.

If I uninstall Ironchip Windows Logon will my default authentication system be available again?

Yes, in fact, you always have all your authentication methods available. So you can make use of them.

Can I connect with my e-mail address or domain?

It is possible as long as the user using the device and the service added in Ironchip to perform the authentication are configured in the same way.

Is there a maximum number of attempts to authenticate me?

There is no maximum number of attempts in our process.