White List Users by GPO

If we wish to add a Whitelist of Users when we make a distribution by means of a Group Policy (GPO), it is possible, to do so follow the steps below:

  1. On our server, in the tools tab select Group Policy Management.
  1. In the screen that opens we must expand our domain node and in the Domains folder choose the option Create a GPO on this domain and anchor it here.
  1. Once the group policy is created, either a new one or the same one that will be used to distribute the application to a specific group of users that we have previously added to a group, as described here:

Windows Logon by GPO distribution section.

  1. To continue adding the Whitelist we must from the Edit tab of the GPO we have created, in the Computer Settings area choose the Windows Settings folder, and right click on the Registry option, choose the New option.
  1. In the window that pops up, we must enter the data as shown in the image: In the General tab:

    • Action: Update.
    • Key Path: SOFTWARE\Ironchip\Logon
    • Value name: WhitelistUsers.
    • Value type: REG_MULTI_SZ Value type: REG_MULTI_SZ
    • Value data: DOMAIN\Username, Important, as written by the user in the Ironchip Logon prompt. In each line must be a user, in case you want to add multiple users, one for each line.

    Regular expressions (RegEx) must be used in this field, allowing us to use expressions for:

    a) Add user:


    and more specifically, in case we want to minimize errors due to the use of case sensitive we should add at the beginning:


    b) Users without depending on a Domain:


    Using the expression to avoid case sensitive errors:


    c) Exclude from a domain:


Once the values have been entered correctly and as specified, press Apply and then OK.