What is LBFraud web SDK?

LBFraud web SDK is the piece that allow you to integrate Ironchip LBFraud in your web environment. Using it Ironchip can evaluate if the device and environment that uses the website is secure. To add the SDK to the website you just need to follow the next steps.

JavaScript integration

First, you need to download the necessary JavaScript file (Click here). Once you have it you need to import the file

import { LBFraudSDK, LBFraudSDKEnvironment } from 'ironchip.modern.js';

Then, with the SDK imported you need to initialize the client. Please ensure that you have the API- Key and the environment where you will work. By default the chosen environment is Production.

You will initialize the client (Choose just one environment):

const client = new LBFraudSDK({
  apiKey: 'api-key',
  environment: LBFraudSDKEnvironment.Development,