The future is the using data mining techniques to eliminate in real time fraud to the lowest level

Bank fraud detection system

Bank entities are alerted by Ironchip fraud detection systems about suspicious operations carried out from user’s anomalous locations.


The best user experience


Anomalous behavior


No passwords


Increases responsiveness

Stay alert for vulnerability detection

Location-based detection of anomalous behaviour with a system of alerts and risk assessments in the transaction to prevent unauthorized access.

The perfect balance between security and UX

Our technology generates a unique digital identity by analyzing environmental signals that becomes more secure in a transparent manner each time the user make a transaction.

The user privacy comes first

We consider that ensuring location data privacy is essential. We only store the prediction algorithm capable of determining whether the location is valid or not.

Frictionless maximum security

Facilitates the immersion in the security of the bank, avoids the frustration of managing passwords, codes, tedious controls that end up being evaded. Manage three identity proofs in a single interaction, or even none at all.