LDAP Proxy Plugin


The Ironchip LDAP Proxy service can be found in the Plugins section of Ironchip’s Location Based Authentication administration dashboard.


To install the LDAP Proxy, follow these steps:

  • Move the downloaded executable file to a system folder suitable for running services.

  • Call the executable with the “configuration flag”, in order to generate the default configuration file:

    ldap-windows.exe configuration
  • Once the configuration file has been set up (follow the configuration section), install the service as follows:

    ldap-windows.exe service install
  • Once installed, the service can be started:

    ldap-windows.exe service start


The configuration file can be modified at any time, in order for the changes to apply, restart the service:

ldap-windows.exe service restart

The configuration file has the following configurable properties:

  • Path: The configuration path, defaulting to the /.json
  • LDAP:
    • server_address: the FQDN of the LDAP domain controller.
    • server_port: the port of the LDAP domain controller.
    • protected_group: the group name that is protected using Ironchip LBAuth.
    • network: the communication scheme used by the client, currently only “tcp” is supported.
    • base_dn: the base DN for the Proxy to be attached to.
  • Proxy:
    • server_address: the address in which the proxy will be serving.
    • server_port: the port in which the proxy will be providing service.
    • network: the communication scheme used by the proxy, currently only “tcp” is supported.
  • Ironchip:
    • ironchip_api_key: the API key generated for the Ironchip Service associated.
    • ironchip_host: the direction in which your assigned Ironchip environment is running, usually: “https://api.ironchip.com”

An example configuration file:

    "ldap": {
        "dirección_servidor": "localhost",
        "server_port": 389,
        "tls_enable": false,
        "key_file": "",
        "cert_file": "",
        "time_out_seconds": 5,
        "red": "tcp",
        "base_dn": ""
    "proxy": {
        "server_address": "",
        "server_port": 4389,
        "tls_enable": false,
        "key_file": "",
        "cert_file": "",
        "protected_group": "",
        "time_out_seconds": 5,
        "network": "tcp"
    "ironchip": {
        "ironchip_api_key": "",
        "ironchip_host": "<https://api.ironchip.com>"


The running Ironchip LDAP Proxy register it’s events in the windows event viewer, it is registered as “Ironchip LDAP Proxy”.


In order to uninstall the service, use this command:

ldap-windows.exe service uninstall