Pulse Secure Configuration

Create Authentication Server

  1. Log in as an administrator to Pulse Secure.

  2. In the Authentication tab > Authentication Servers > New. Create a new server to perform authentication and enter the values, as in the following image.


  3. The backup server can be created if if required and ignore RADIUS accounting section.

  4. A new RADIUS rule will now be created in the Custom RADIUS Rules section by clicking on New RADIUS Rule. A new window will appear, in which you have to enter the following data as in the following image.


  5. Save Changes and ignore any warnings that appear.

  6. Save Changes again for the authentication server.

Create User Realm

  1. In the Users tab > User Realms > New. Define a new authentication realm and enter the values, as in the following image.


  2. Save Changes.

Optionally, the Role Mapping can be configured. The following screen appears:


Using this configure role assignments based on user attributes. In addition, you can rely on the advanced RADIUS configuration for dynamic roles for roles.

Policies

  1. In the Authentication tab > Signing In > Sign-in Policies.


  2. Identify the Policy and click on the URL to confirm/edit your selected domains.

  3. Open policy detail page’s Authentication realm section .