The use of multi-factor authentication (MFA) could prevent as much as 80–90% of cyber-attacks, according to figures cited by the US nationalsecurity cyber chief

Easy and secure user authentication

Provide your employees with the easiest to use authentication system.

Discover a solution 100% adaptable to your needs: integration in any service in an agile and comfortable way for high security requirements, verifying identity with three factors in a single interaction or even without interaction.


Transparent security


Security and UX


No passwords


Improved user experience

Easy Single Sign-On for many applications

Our secure authentication integrates with most applications you can imagine, Ironchip`s single sign-on means convenient and secure access.

The perfect balance between security and UX

Our technology generates a unique digital identity by analyzing environmental signals that becomes more secure in a transparent manner each time the user authenticates.

Frictionless maximum security

Facilitates the immersion in the security of the company, avoids the frustration of managing passwords, company codes, tedious controls that end up being evaded. Manage three identity proofs in a single interaction, or even none at all.

The user privacy comes first

We consider that ensuring location data privacy is essential. We only store the prediction algorithm capable of determining whether the location is valid or not.

See how ironchip’s frictionless authentication works

The user recieves a notification

Communication for authentication is done through a double encrypted channel, which implements TLS plus an asymmetric elliptic key encryption.

Authorizes access

We analyze the behaviour of the location to validate access. The locations are not stored, we only store the prediction algorithm capable of determining if the location is valid.

Paswordless, frictionless

In this way, we became one of the first solutions capable of certifying the identity of a user without the need to store their access information. Fully respecting the user’s privacy.