Add Safe Zone

In the keys tab you will find all the keys to which you have access, among them you will find the keys created by yourself and those shared by other members of the company.

To create a new safe zone, follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the “+” icon.


  2. Insert a name for the safe zone.

  3. Click on “Add Safe Zone”.


  4. When the progress wheel comes to an end the key is created.

  5. This created key will be visible in the “Keys” section of the “Dashboard”.



In the keys section of the Dashboard you will see two types of keys. The personal keys, which can only be used by their creators; and the company keys, which can be used by all users who are registered with the company. To share a key, click on “Share it”, this way you will see how it changes to the company key card.


Only personal keys can be deleted and if they are not associated to a service.