Product description

Ironchip RADIUS Server is a server implementing the RADIUS protocol that authenticates directly with Ironchip Location Identity Platform without the need for passwords.


It requires a Linux or Windows server in which it is installed. Also, it requires connectivity between the RADIUS client and the server(in communication), and between the server in which Ironchip RADIUS server is running on and the Ironchip Location Identity Platform(out communication).


In order to install the server, download the executable from our public repository:

there are both Linux and Windows executables available. Also, download the example configuration file from the same place, “ironchip-radius-server.json”.

Move both the executable and the configuration file to an appropriate folder (e.g.: in Linux to /opt/ironchip/radius and in windows to c://ironchip/radius).

Configure your service API Key in the “ironchip_api_secret” entry in the config file. Also remember to set up a proper “radius_key” consistent with the one you set up in your client.

Installation as a system service

In order to make the service behave as a system one, call the executable via a terminal providing the “service install” flags:

./ironchip-radius-server service install

Please take into account that this requires superuser permissions.

In order to uninstall the service run

./ironchip-radius-server service uninstall

Please refer to the official documentation of your system to make the service automatically start on startup.

Use as an standalone executable

Run the executable without any parameter.