Installing AD FS Plugin

To install the plugin, you need the plugin installer, which can be downloaded from the Ironchip Dashboard’s plugin section:

Once downloaded execute the installation file and proceed through the installation process: install-init

the only fields to configure are, the service host, leave the default in case of doubt, and the API Key generated when creating a new API Key service, please check this manual on how to generate the associated API Key service: installationConfigure

If configured correctly, the installer will add the plugin to AD FS and then restart the AD FS service to consolidate the changes: installationCompleting

In addition, you will able to see the version of the plugin from the control panel: installationVerifying

Testing ADFS Plugin

  1. Access Event Viewer to see IronChip MFA Plugin logs.


  2. If everything is OK, you must see “IronChip ADFS Plugin” in Application and Services Logs list. Click on it, and if plugin is installed you must see “IronChip license key loaded without errors.” in logs as you can see here:


    Note: If you see the message “Unable to load IronChip license key”. Check that it is the correct license and try again. If problem persist contact IronChip support for help.