Official documentation

Vault is integrated with Ironchip by using OIDC protocol.

The OIDC client secret and OIDC client ID parameters needed to integrate an OIDC service are generated in the LBAuth Dashboard when enabling a new OIDC application type.

The Discovery URL is

Product integration guide

OIDC service creation in the LBAuth Dashboard In production dashboard create a new OIDC service:

  • Servive integration type: OIDC - OAUTH 2.0
  • Redirect URIs:
    • https:///ui/vault/auth/oidc/oidc/callback
    • https:///oidc/callback

The generated credentials must be stored properly as they cannot be recovered.

OIDC authentication configuration in Vault UI’s

Once you are logged in as root user thees are the steps:

  • Enable OIDC authentication

  • Mark “List method when unauthenticated” so that OIDC authentication is available in login screen.

  • Click Enable Method.


  • Write OIDC discovery URL with OIDC URL:

  • OIDC response mode: query

  • OIDC Client ID: Generated during the service creation in LBAuth dashboard.

  • OIDC client secret: Generated during the service creation in LBAuth dashboard.