Fake GPS and Root (or jailbreak) information is sent through the Ironchip SDK to determine device integrity.

Fake GPS refers to mobile applications that are used to define a fake location on a user’s device. As a result, applications installed on the device will receive illegitimate location data in place of the actual location data.

Root (or jailbreak) refers to the rooting process that enables full access to everything on your mobile operating system. Full access means, more specifically, access to permissions that allow changing advanced elements in the device system.


Tips: The greatest risk of Fake GPS for companies is its use for fraud, where people can, for instance, pretend to reside where they do not reside, perpetrate identity fraud, and mislead market intelligence by enabling false inferences.

A rooted phone is unable to receive official updates, but at the same time, it allows the user to manipulate the device at will. Modified devices may contain malicious applications and modifications for fraud purposes.

We apply different methodologies to identify forged GPS data or rooting and jailbreaking signals. The methodologies used are part of the data sent by the Ironchip APIs in several of our Use Cases.