System Intrusion, Social Engineering and Basic Web Application Attacks represent 83% (general) of breaches in Europe the principal motive are Financial (89%)

Mustering an incident management

Manage and monitor access to your company with Ironchip.

We monitor access through our centralized management platform, allowing incident management and minimizing non-wanted access to the maximum, providing real-time visibility to ensure proper operation and enabling early detection of vulnerabilities and their scope.


Anomalous behavior


Control of accesses


Role-based privilege


Increases responsiveness

Real-time access monitoring

Control who, when and from where accesses your systems in real time from the Location-Based Identity platform. Check user activity, view access on a timeline, get reports and download them for total control.

Role-based privilege management

Establishes different user privileges. Prevents unauthorized users from accessing the rest of the system and misusing information, thus mitigating malicious users.

Stay alert for vulnerability detection

Location-based detection of anomalous behaviour with a system of alerts and risk assessments in the services to prevent unauthorized access.

Isolation and securitization of services

Delimits access to specific areas, even from authorized locations only. In this way it avoids a total paralysis of the activity in case of vulnerability by being able to detect the entry vector and provide a quick solution.