Ironchip’s award-winning location technology is highly resistant to location spoofing, analyzes the waves that a device detects in a particular location, creating a digital identity to recognize trusted users based on their unique behavioural patterns.

Are you ready to add location as the most trusted signal to your devices?

// Create Secure Location
curl -H "Authorization: --token" 
"" -d '{"name":"office"}'
// Validate Secure Location
curl -H "Authorization: --token" 


Integrate the location as a service

The use cases of location are endless, you can check the workplace of your employees, or trace highly critical assets or systems, isolate access to the company’s most critical systems, encrypt communications. Explore all the possibilities of localization for your business.

Integrate location in any use case in a fast and intuitive way with our api

  • Third-parties secure connectivity. We control the suppliers’ access to the company’s most sensitive systems.
  • User secure and easy authentication. User secure authentication with a push notification that analyzes three identity proofs: device, biometric and location. Integration in any service with an agile and confortable way for high secuity requirements.
  • Isolation and securitization of services. We protect access to the different systems by restricting access from assigned places.

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